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Designed for Healthcare Professionals

Faceshields to Protect Your Staff & Patients

Designed for Healthcare Professionals

Faceshields to Protect Your Staff & Patients


Protective Face Shield from Huhtamaki UK

Designed for Healthcare Professions, certified Category II for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).


Manufactured in a High Hygiene facility of leading packaging manufacturer


Soft foam padding for extra comfort and adjuster to fit all head sizes with space to use prescription glasses and medical masks

Unique Design

Lightweight, easy to use for professionals working in close-contact situations​


Full face visor provides protection from liquid splashes and droplets and is an excellent addition to existing PPE​

Face Shield FAQs

What do face shields protect you from?

Protects the eyes and face from liquid droplets and splashes. Our plastic visors are not impact, flame or spark resistant.

Are face shields reusable?

They are not designed to be reusable, especially in sensitive environments such as healthcare, but they can be used over a long shift or day at work.

Are face shields safe?

Dependent on the situation, they are safe in terms of if they are used in combination with other PPE equipment if required. They are not safe for impact protection purposes, but are designed to protect principally against splashes and droplets, coughing and sneezing etc.

How do you clean a plastic face shield?

They are not recommend for re use. This is a single use product and is to be treated as a disposable. These are single-use face visors designed to cover the full face. They are to be used only for face protection from liquid splashes and droplets. They are not impact resistant and should not be used for protection against flame or sparks. They provide additional face protection as a complement to existing medical masks and other PPE; these can be worn underneath the face shields. They also prevent the involuntary touching of the face by the hands which has also been known to be a common way for infections to spread.

Will face shields fit over glasses?

Yes, they will fit over glasses or some safety goggles, as well as facemasks.

Can I wear a respirator or mask under a face shield?

You can wear a mask, but some respirators will not fit under many types of faceshield.

What certifications or quality approvals do the plastic visors have?

The bloc FaceShields has been adopted by NHS healthcare facilities across UK and has attained Category II Certification for PPE.

Can the FaceShield be used in a chilled environment?

The masks were originally designed with usage in health-care settings in mind. The masks have not yet been tested in chilled environments so we can currently make no claims can be made currently made about their performance in chilled environments.

Is the product impact resistant?

No the product is not impact resistant and the same has been clearly mentioned on the product as well. It is meant to be used only as a protective shield against liquid splashes and droplets. It does not protect against flame or sparks, or impact.

Does the FaceShield negate the need for social distancing by users?

No. Huhtamaki recommends that users follow Government guidelines in relation to social distancing and general safety.

The FaceShield is made from PET: What is the benefit of PET vs. PVC?

PET has very high optical clarity and fits into the recycling systems (Like coke bottles and PET water bottles) so it fits into the circular economy. PVC is based on chlorine and its disposal is more difficult and releases dioxins if burnt below 600C, for packaging PET is always advised over PVC as it is UV resistant and strong with good barrier properties, for face shields PET or Polycarbonate (Bullet proof glass) are the main materials of choice.


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