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Unassembled FaceShield


Branded, unassembled FaceShield version



The bloc FaceShield is intended to primarily prevent splashes and water droplets coming into the personal space of the user.

The bloc face shield is designed for frontline healthcare workers.

The face shields are produced in food-service specialists Huhtamaki’s high care, high hygiene facility in Belfast and Huhtamaki are rolling out the production across various other sites globally.

The visors are constructed from a food-grade PET and a foam block that both provides comfort and space for the mouth and nose of the user, who, in certain situations may also want to use a facemask.

The design is particularly detailed, with printing indicating the easily adjustable sizing. Category II Certification for PPE – EU 2020/403 eye and face protection specification, Annex II of the PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425. The visors use a high-grade PET file for excellent clarity.

The polyurethane foam pad is also certified as non hazardous to health either through ingestion, inhalation or direct contact with the skin.


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